This page goes over the rules applied to requesting specific photographs to be taken and to uploading a personal photograph for editing.

To use these “extra” services you must be an Executive Member.

In both endeavors we will do our best to provide the requesting party with the end result they desire, but this can not always be achieved. For example; Requesting a photograph of a fire hydrant in Anchorage Alaska is not feasible. Requesting a photograph of a specific demographic like a frozen-over stream or tree’s with snow or a fireman are all feasible.

Our photograph’s are taken first hand to capture the “real” feeling of the item, or moment. Make your requests realistic.

We will edit a personal photograph to your specifications. Requests for editing that requires a specific program or software to be purchased is not acceptable. Requesting a person be removed from a photo of two people, or the background of a house be removed is fine.. Some blurry photo’s can be sharpened, but not always.

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